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Thank you for visiting.  As you see, I have a lot to share with you.  If you click on my bio, you will see that I have spent many years as a pediatric surgeon while painting and sculpting in my spare time. Now I have fulfilled a new dream - becoming an author.  I have just completed a book, "The Rebel - A biography of Ram Jethmalani", to be published this fall in India by Penguin-Random House.  At the age of 90, Ram is probably the most famous lawyer in India, still in Parliament, and still controversial. 

At the University of Michigan I majored in geology, then went on to medical school and a long career as a surgeon. After that, I concentrated on my art, became a silversmith, and opened Hershberg Jewelery. Here you can purchase my work. 

In addition, check here to see when my book is officially launched!
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Susan Hershberg Adelman MD.

Japanese Garden30 x 22, oil
Utrecht, 22 x 28", oil 
Fisher Body Plants
20 x 24", oil
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Elat stone pendant 
 36 x 24" oil on canvas
Roman glass and aquamarine pendant
Petersite  pendant