Private Practice Pediatric Surgery, 1974-1994

Academic Appointment History:

    Post-graduate teaching fellow, Geology, Wayne State University, 1962-63 
    Clinical Assistant Professor, WSU School of Medicine, Surgery, 1978-92
    Clinical Associate Professor, University of Michigan School of Medicine, 
            Department of Surgery, 1994-2002

Marital Status:  
            Married: Martin Adelman, Prof. George Washington University Law School

Current Position:  Artist and Silversmith


     High School:  Brighton High School, Rochester, NY, l957
     Baccalaureate:  B.S., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, June, l962.
     Medical Degree:  Wayne State University School of Medicine, l967
     Internship:  Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI, 1967-8
     Residencies:  General Surgery, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI 1968-72
                     Pediatric Surgery, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI, 1972-74 

Medical Licensure:  State of Michigan, 1968

Board Certification:

      American Board of Surgery, 1973
      Certificate of Special Competence in Pediatric Surgery, 1975
      Recertification in Pediatric Surgery, 1982
      Recertification in Pediatric Surgery, 1995 

Hospital Activities:
     Henry Ford Hospital House Staff Association,                                                                                 President, 1969-70                                             
     Henry Ford Hospital Medical Association,  
        Vice-President, 1985-90                                                                                                       Executive Committee, 1990-1995
Health Insurance Activities:

 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan                                                                                           
       Corporate Body, 1980-86       
       Board of Directors, 1981-86                                                                                                   Professional Relations Committee, 1980-86                                                                            Consultant in TRUST PPO contract development                                                                         TRUST Advisory Committee 1986-92                                                                                        Hospital Contract  Advisory Committee on Quality  1988                                                          Physician Chair, BCBSM Physician Contract development, 1989-90                                         Physician Contract Advisory Committee,                                                                                       Chair of provider component, 1990-94
 Detroit Medical Center Coordinated Health Care, Inc.
        Medical Director for Program Development, 1986-91
        TRUST Medical Director, 1986-91      
        Board of Directors, 1991-1994                                                                                               Chair, Utilization Management Committee, 1985-87                                                                    Provider Network Credentials Committee, 1991-1994                                                               Prudential Plus - Detroit Medical Center joint venture, Medical Director                                             DMC Care Board of Directors, 1992-1994                                                                                           Vice-Chair of Board, 1993

Professional  Societies:

 American Medical Association
       Alternate Delegate from Michigan, 1987-1991
       Delegate, 1991-1998
       AMA Council on Medical Service, 1992-1998
           Chair, Access Committee 1994-1997
           Chair, Finance Committee 1997-1998 
       Surgical Caucus of AMA, Chair 1993-96                                                                                    Advisory Committee on Women in Medicine, 1989-92  
 Organization of State Medical Association Presidents,                                                                     St
           President-Elect, 1995-96
           President, 1996-97                                                                                                Consortium
 AMA Board of Trustees, 1998-2002
Board Membership Committee 1998-2000
Chair, Nominating Committee 2000-01 
Finance Committee, 2000-01
Committee on Organization and Operations, 2001-02
A MA Advisory Committee on Membership, 2000-02
Physicians for Responsible Negotiation, Board 
       President, November 1999-May, 2002 

 Michigan State Medical Society
            President-elect, 1989-90                                                                                                                      President, 1990-91
            Immediate Past President, 1991-92
            Board of Directors, 1986-92
            Comm. Specialty Society Pres., Chair, 1990-92                                                             Task  Task Force on Environmental Health, Chair, 1990-91       
            Chemical Dependency Focus Group, Chair, 1990-91
            Public Service Committee, Chairman, 1985-86
            Board Committee on Health Care Delivery, 1986-91
            MSMS Reference Committee A, Chairman,1982 and 1986   
            MSMS-BCBSM Liason Committee, Chairman 1986-89                                                                   
Wayne County Medical Society
            Secretary 1980-82               
            President-elect, 1982-83
            President, 1983-84
            Delegate Body, 1980-present
            Council, 1982-present
            Board of Trustees, 1985-90
                 Chairman, 1989-90 
            Resolutions Committee                                                                                                          
  Roy D. McClure Surgical Association, President, 1994
  American Pediatric Surgical Association         
       Ethics Committee, Co-Chairman, 1989-90 
       Committee on Practice and Cost Concerns, 1989-95 
       Ad Hoc Committee on Managed Care, 1995
 Fellow of American College of Surgeons, 1973-present
      ACS Regents' Committee on Patient Safety and 
      Professional Liability, 1991-2002
 Surgical Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics, 1975
 American Society of General Surgery 
       Charter member
       Board of Directors, 1993-2000
  Michigan Chapter, American Society of General Surgery
       Founder and President, 1995
  American Medical Women's Association
  Detroit Academy of Surgery
  Southeastern Michigan Surgical Society
       Board of Directors, 1984-87      
  Detroit Medical Academy
        President, 2006-7
Editorial Activities:
   Detroit Medical News Editorial Board, 1980-present
        Editor, 1981-1998
   Michigan Medicine
        Monthly President's Page, 1990-91
   American Medical News
        Monthly column, 1987-1997                                                                          

Community Activities:       

   Jeffries Community Health Center, Detroit, Michigan
        Board of Directors, Chairman, 1967-68
   Woman Center, Medical Director, 1974-75
   Michigan Department of Social Services
        Physician Primary Sponsor Prog. Steering Comm. 1983-84 
   Medical, Educational, Legal, Law Enforcement (MELL) Team 
        Co-Founder with Dennis Archer
        Steering Committee, 1990
   American Arab-Jewish Friends
   Scarab Club

Honors and Awards: 

   Women of Wayne State University 
        Headliner Award, 1991
   Michigan Leaders Health Care Group, Co-chair, Gov. Engler 
        Representative of Michigan physicians, 1990-1993
   White House Health Professionals Review Group 
        Represented AMA, 1993
   State of Israel Bonds
        Maimonides Award, 1993
   Henry Ford Medical Association
        Distinguished Alumni Award, 1993
   Detroit Monthly
       "Top Docs" list for Tri-County area, Jan, 1993, 1995

Publications: 267 chapters, articles and editorials

  Susan Hershberg Adelman MD

Kyanite pendant
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Bodies Transformed, 30 x 24", oil on canvas 
Labradorite and opal
Turquoise pendant
Roman glass, aquamarine and labradorite pendant 
Leaves of Costa Rico 20x24", oil