Susan Hershberg Adelman MD

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Face In the Dark
24 x 20", oil
Washington Row Houses,
16 x 28", oil
Forest, 24 x 36", oil
Sichuan Province, 24 x 30", oil
20 x 16", acrylic
Dancing Shiva,30 x 22", oil
 Buddha in Yellow, 24 x 18, oil
Buddha,16 x 12", oil
Little White Church,16 x 20", acrylic
Jerusalem Galerie Kikar, 30 x 24", oil
Paarl, 30 x 20", oil
From Machu Pichu, 22 x 30, oil
Bull, 14x18", oil on board
Cobalt Glass, 24 x 20", oil
Woman in Hat 18 x 14", oil
Old Scot II, 24 x 20", oil
Tokyo, 18 x 36", oil
Vilnius, 24x30", oil
Bombay,36 x 18", oil
Apples and Oranges
Amman, 24 x 30", oil
Santorini 30x24"", oil
Munich market,12 x 16", acrylic
Hamtramck,12 x 16", oil
Neuschwannstein,24 x 30", oil
Stockholm South Shore
16 x 20", acrylic
My Great grandmother
Clifford Benson MD
My Grandparents and great aunts
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Self-portrait, oil, 24 x 20"
The Goldring Sisters
Sir Hugh Laddie
Mendel Lurie
From the family album
 Buddha Tree, oil, 36x24"
Multiple Images
Bodies Ascending, oil on canvas, 36x48"
St. Petersburg Church, oil on canvas, 36x24
South Indian Dancers, oil on canvas, 22x28"
Jasper I, oil, 28x22"  
Jasper IV, oil, 28x22" 
Purple Agate II, oil, 28x22"
Blue and tan Jasper, oil, 30x30
 Green and brown Jasper, oil, 30x30"
 Grey Marble, oil, 30x24"
Jasper Cave, oil, 18x24"
Jasper Scene, oil, 30x24"